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About Stahlberg Abrasive ®

Founded in 2008, Stahlberg Abrasive - is the manufacturer of a wide range of abrasives. Among our customers are large, medium and small industrial enterprises, construction and service companies, auto companies, trading companies.

Our export volume of abrasives steadily and rapidly growing. The geography of our customers - Latvia, Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia and the Baltic States of course. In Russia, Stahlberg Abrasive - launches a nationwide distribution network.

During the work, taking into account the wishes of our customers, the market demand, we have compiled a catalog of tools suitable for professional and home use. The products we offer provides all the stages of surface treatment from rough grinding to mirror polishing. We believe that our site be useful to those who are interested in abrasive tools, grinding and polishing technologies who are interested in the application of cost-effective tools.

Cooperation with «Stahlberg Abrasive» open for you:

  • Supplier, providing the stability of your production or construction site
  • Quality, certified, safe consumable abrasive tools at a good price
  • Different groups of abrasive and stripping tools from producer
  • Work without nerves, time and money savings
  • Delivery to the office, workshop or production
Stahlberg Abrasive
Stahlberg Abrasive
Stahlberg Abrasive

Our experts will select the optimum grinding technology for you and offer the best abrasive tools:

Cut Off discs
Cut Off discs125 x 22, 150 x 22, 180 x 22, 230 x 221.0, 1.6, 2.0
Grinding Discs
Grinding Discs150 x 22, 180 x 22, 230 x 226.0
Flap Discs
Flap Discs125 x 22120
Semi-Flexible Grinding Discs
Semi-Flexible Grinding Discs125 x 2280
Sanding Paper10 cm x 50 m80, 100, 240 Grit
Abrasive Cloth10cm x 50 m80, 100 Grit
Abrasive Sponge5 x 720
Sanding Discs125 x 221.0
Flap Wheels4040 - 320
Backing Pads125 x 225
Polishing Discs125 x 228
The Non-Woven Abrasive Materials10cm x 2m10
Fiber Discs125100, 240
Steel Wire Brushes10050
Sanding BeltsP60, P180
Sanding Screen Sheets150 x 400
Sanding Screen Rolls150 x 10m
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All the production is based on advanced technologies and complies with MPA standards.

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